The Advocate

The Advocate
36'x48' acrylic on canvas
$3500 - Sold


"The Gift"
Acrylic on textured canvas. 22"x28"
Unframed, gallery wrapped.
For sale - $800


Drawing for a Painting

I've recently created a Facebook page for my creations - not just the stuff I draw and paint but everything that my two hands and one brain create.  In an effort to promote that new page I'm giving away a free commissioned watercolor portrait (8x10, 1 subject).  In order to enter the online drawing all  you have to do is visit my FB page, enter the Discussions tab and follow the instructions there.  But hurry because the drawing is on Saturday, November 13th.


Little Girl Ballerina

5x7 watercolor on Bristol paper.


5x7 watercolor on Bristol paper.

Apples In Yellow Bowl

5x7 watercolor on Bristol paper.



Another little 5x7 watercolor.  A loose portrait of my cousins sweet daughter Rachael.

Colors and Shapes

This is a little 5x7 watercolor on paper.  Enjoying the freedom of imagination and expression.  My kids asked me, "what is it?"  My answer ... "whatever you want it to be."


Playing with charcoal, water and color editing - "Silence"

I recently watched a portrait artist use powdered charcoal and water to create a portrait.  I have yet to truly understand the medium but here is my first attempt with it.  11x14 charcoal and water on Bristol paper.  The top image has been modified by the computer to have a blue cast which I felt imbued an added depth of emotion, the bottom is a close-up of the original. 


Graphite self-portrait

                               A better rendering of my likeness in graphite (pencil).  Sketch paper, 8x10.



'Sisters' is a painting I did just for the joy of it.  The little angel on the left is a dear family friend.  Her photo is circa 1940.  Water color on paper, 11x14.


Portrait of a Mother

8x10 pencil portrait created from one of the only photographs taken of my friend and client's mother who died when my client was a six-year old girl.  As with some of my other restoration type work the reference photo was a trick to work with.

Great-great Grandma of dear friend

This is Nancy McClain, pioneer mother and Great-great (perhaps another "great") Grandmother of my dear friend and client.  The only photo of Nancy shows a woman who had endured suffering and heartache.  My friend asked me to create a pencil portrait of her grandmother without the hard edge that age and the old photography style created. 


President Barack Obama

President Obama.  Graphite on paper, 8x10.

I was seeking to create a very textured work with this piece.  The lower image shows the texture created in the thickly layed graphite.  


Charlie A.

This was done for a friend whose husband of more than 60 years passed away on Tuesday.  16x20 graphite on Bristol paper.  The bottom image is a close up of the portrait.


Mesa, Arizona Mormon Temple Before Dawn

This is an impressionistic painting of the Mormon temple in Mesa, Arizona.  Oil on canvas, 24x30.

Prints available upon request.  Original-unframed $500


Emma with Violin

Emma with Violin. Oil on canvas board 11x14. First painting of the new year, 2010.
Prints available upon request.


Father and Sons

This is a recent 8x10 pencil portrait commission. Each subject was taken from a large group family photo and repositioned to create a portrait of only the father and his two sons. A satisfying piece to create.


It's all about watercolors these days, or so it seems. This is a recently finished watercolor portrait for a new friend and client from the huge state of Texas. Created from three different photographs (yes, there are only two boys). Boy on the right needed separate head and body shots fused together to generate this pose.


The Old Family Home

My first watercolor landscape done at the request of my dear mother-in-law. It is her childhood home in Northern Idaho. If you've got good eyes you can see the Grand Tetons in the distance.


This is a small collection of pencil and pencil/charcoal portraits that I put together to show at a boutique where I was a vendor. I was (and am) promoting a $30 pencil portrait special for the holidays. Pass the word along!


Hold On

This is the wife of an American fallen soldier as her husband's body is returned to it's native soil. He was killed in the line of duty just days after being home for the birth of his first child. It is an 11x14 colored pencil portrait on smooth Bristol paper.
*Just a note to say that somehow this received a blue ribbon at the AZ State Fair. I wasn't finished with it when it was time to take in the entries. I'll finish it and post it when it's done.


This is a work in progress, just felt like posting something new as I haven't worked much this Summer with all of the kids home. This painting still needs skin tone work and detail but is mostly finished and I am quite happy with it's progress as is my client. I should have the finished product ready to post by the middle of September.


"Out Of the Ashes" acrylic and oil on stretched canvas, 14x28 inches. This was a very emotional piece for me to paint. It portrays the release from despair.


Here is a graphite portrait on Strathmore Bristol paper, 11x14. The original photo was beautiful but quite a bit of detail was blurred and there was damage from being handled for so many years (scratches and creases). I was pretty happy with the end result and I believe that my client was as well. As you can see from the original posted above the right (his left) side of his head was missing. So I attempted to create an ear and hair line for him as well as adding a little detail that was either missing or very faint in the photo.


This is a color pencil portrait that I finished "live" at a charity auction benefiting the Child's Play Theater in Tempe, AZ. It is an 11x14 on Strathmore bristol paper.


Girl With Wings3

This was my third attempt and I am happy with the results. The photo is not as bright as the real thing but you get the idea. The bottom image is the whole thing and the top is a close up of the face.
9x12 watercolor on paper.


Boy In Grass
Watercolor on paper

Girl With Wings
Colored Pencil on Strathmore Bristol


This is a commission I did for an old neighbor and friend. This was a drawing done from about 5 different snapshots that included piecing together heads and bodies that weren't originally together. A difficult piece. Graphite/charcoal, 11x14 on paper.


Having fun with watercolors. This is a card/painting that I made for my sister's birthday. It says, "Sisters are like grapes...they grow together, plump and juicy, and, if they aren't consumed, turn into raisins and get sweeter."


This is a recently finished commissioned portrait done from 40-yr-old b/w photos. The subjects were not in the same picture and I was able to play with the composition a little bit. Graphite and charcoal on paper, 16x20. SOLD
Doris Day. Colored pencil on paper, 8x10. SOLD

The beautiful Judy Garland. Colored pencil on paper, 8x10. SOLD