African Woman In Headscarf

Watercolor on paper. Approx. 12x14 inches.


This watercolor was given to my mother for her 60th birthday. I had a lot of fun painting it and learned a lot. It now resides in my parents bedroom.


This piece was entered in the Arizona Ameteur Fine Arts competition. It won an Honorable Mention and was purchased. Oil on stretched canvas, 16x20.

Power and Peace

When I saw this arm on an unlikely subject I was compelled to paint it. This is water color on paper, approximately 8x24.



This is my most recent painting. I only used two colors of oil in this painting. Another try at simplifying while I learn the craft. Painted on canvasboard, 16x20 inches.


Another portrait of my oldest daughter. The whole drawing is actually 18x24 (the matte is hiding some).


This is a 16"x20" portrait using a picure of my oldest daughter but without any real effort to make it look like her. I was just enjoying the experience.


Still life, 9x12 on canvasboard.


I was really struggling to begin a painting and felt like I was trying too hard, thinking about it more than was helpful. This was the result of me just picking up the paints and brushes and "playing" with them.
A little fun at the kitchen table. Our Wal-Mart tea kettle.
Another page out of my sketchbook. These are a couple of centenarians from another old issue of National Geographic. I love deep expressions, they tell a story I'd love to hear.
These are two images that I found in an old National Geographic. Super fun to draw. A picture with lots of contrast makes the best black and white drawing.

I never felt really done with this painting but this is as far as it got. It now hangs in my kitchen until a new home can be found.

The is a portrait in the making. My first "real" oil painting. What fun I have had exploring this medium!